Thursday, October 6, 2011

4 months...Where did it go?!

And to answer the question we always get.....YES, your hair is red! Beautiful and red. People always are so suprised to see this and ask where you got it....! Grandpa Jack? Maybe. But, it is yours. All yours.

We have big dreams for you little girl. We love you so very much.
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Fall Photo Fun!

A beautiful tree in our neighbor's yard. We used it and it's pretty leaves as our fun photo backdrop.

Fall is here! I am looking forward to many more photos this year with the girls! Hope you are having as much fun this fall as we are!
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our cup runneth over...!

I am running a little behind on getting this posted, but our sweet little Kinsley arrived 2 weeks earlier than she was supposed too, and one week earlier than planned! We greeted her on Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 at 2:29am. She weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces and was 21 inches long. She has the prettiest reddish brown hair and the sweetest disposition. We absolutely adore her.

There isn't a day that passes that I don't think about how lucky we are to have her here. After Emerson's "interesting" arrival, we weren't sure if we'd be lucky enough to have anohter baby. Then when we did get pregnant it was a bumpy start to say the least.....My first appointment after getting a (okay, 5) positive pregnancy test, the first doctors office I went to told me that I wasn't really pregnant....two more tests after leaving there said that I was. I scheduled another appointment with a different doctor who confirmed that we were actually pregnant. The ultrasounds didn't help with the uneasiness we had already faced. We were on miscarriage watch for the first 12 weeks of our pregnancy. Our first ultrasound didn't show a heart beat. Our second ultrasound showed a fetal pole with no caridac activity. Our third ultrasound FINALLY picked up a heartbeat but not a strong one. The tech told us that it was a good possibility that it would slow down and eventually stop....Our fourth ultrasound showed a heartbeat, still not as fast as it should be, and blood was seen in my uterus....pins and needles, pins and needles. Finally, around the 14th week, things started to turn around for us and the heartbeat picked up and became steady. Everytime and at every appointment I was brought to tears hearing her little heart beating away.

Here is our little blessing. Our cup runneth over....

This is our little family at the hospital. Emme is so proud. So are mommy and daddy too actually...

The little cutie pie at the hospital. She has the best little personality and sleeps very soundly.

Fetal pole with no cardiac activity to a healthy, beautiful little girl.......

We are so happy. We have so much love for our little girls. We are so completely blessed. Our cup runneth over. 100 times over.

More pictures to come!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kinsley's 3d Ultrasound, 32 weeks

The Sonographer titled this video, "Gerber Smile". I thought it was so sweet and wanted to share!
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Little Tree....

Thank you Bob Ross for the inspiration for the title to this post. I loved watching that guy paint when I was at home from school during the summers....Anyway, on to OUR happy little tree!

We are putting some finishing touches on Kinsley's room this weekend. In my previous post, you can see we are doing her room in sort of a nature-ish theme with greens, browns and mixing in some pinks and other fun colors. Thanks to some cute bedding from pottery barn, we have also ran with the bird theme. When searching for a mobile for her room, I found a really cute that I loved...only it didn't come in birds, just butterflies....SO that was a no go. I then decided to make my own. It was going to be very simple....just needed a wire wreath kit, some fishing line, some cute ribbon and a bird punch that I could make mass quantities of little paper birds. Got everything I needed at Hobby Lobby minus the bird punch. They didn't carry one darn bird punch. Tried Joanne's. Nope. Tried Walmart. Nope. Tried Michael's. Nope. Well, crud. Found myself back at square one.

I then thought about getting one of those cool vinal stick on things in the form of a tree limb to add a little "something" to the large wall behind her crib. While that would have looked nice, I got to thinking, it would really not do much for Kinsley visually when she was laying in her bed....It was then that I went a completely different direction and started looking around our yard for large sticks that may fall off of our trees. Our neighbor's yards weren't safe either. I looked and looked but didn't see anything that would work. Dang it. It was only a week or so later that a tree in our backyard needed to come down. Needless to say, I hit the mother load in terms of branches! I am quite sure the tree trimmer guys thought I had lost my mind, but I didn't care. I was climbing over branches and under limbs on a mission for "the right one". I found it soon after and drug it (or is it dragged...?) off to a safe place. I couldn't risk loosing it via the wood chipper after all of this!

I will not continue to bore you with the multiple random thoughts that went through my head to get us to the point we found ourselves at today, which of course is a semi-finished mobile.

Here are the pics!

This is how it all started. Just a plain little twig.

Added a little of this....

To get this.....

The before picture.

Added a little of this...

And got this!!

I plan on adding more birds soon. It was a fun project that Jimmy and I got to do together for Kinsley. I hope she likes it.

Paint: $5.00

Bird houses: $11.00

Hardware and Ribbon: $6.00

Birds: $2.00

Limb: FREE :)

Making a one of a kind mobile for sweet little Kinsley....PRICELESS!!

And that is the story of our Happy Little Tree!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Updates and such...

Update on the pregnancy: I will be 29 weeks tomorrow. Kinsley is weighing in at 2.8 pounds, right on track! Emme almost weighed 4 lbs at our 28 week appointment!

Cravings: Anything spicy really....Loving mexican food.
Aversions: The smell of raw or cooking meat has never been my friend during pregnancy.
Weight gain: 22 pounds...also right on track. Hopefully, it stays this way!
Emme's thoughts: She can't wait to meet "baby sisser"!

Here is a picture of Emme and I at 26 weeks. Everytime Jimmy grabs the camera to take a pic, Emme runs over and puts her hand on my tummy. So adorable I tell you...!

It has been a busy few weeks but we have managed to do some fun things with Emerson on our weekends off. Her first trip to the Kansas City Zoo was on March 12, 2011. Here are a few shots from our adventure:

Emme and Daddy at the Polar Bear Passage. We met Nikita, a male polar bear. It was his feeding time so he was very active. Emme and Mommy on our way to visit the other animals. Emme loved the monkeys, tigers, and all of the birds we met. Mommy is almost 27 weeks pregnant in the picture.

We have also been re-decorating the girls rooms. Emme's nursery is becoming Kinsley's room. Emme is being "upgraded" to her big girl bedroom. The rooms arent complete, but we are well on our way to finished rooms!

Kinsley's Nursery

Emme helped us paint K's room! It was so cute. Daddy did some trim work, but Uma did the most of it while he got the big walls with a roller. We still have her mobile to hang (as soon as I get it made...!). More pics of this to come on a later post!

Emerson's Big Girl Room

Here is a picture of the "before". Just furniture. Emme is trying it out of course! Emme also helped Daddy paint her own room. I had to get a shot of her with Mommy's mask on! I realized I don't have a very good picture of the "after" But you can sort of see the ballerina sheets and canopy above her bed I made for her. There are lots of really cute touches we are going to add along the way. More pictures to come on her room as well!

More updates to come!

Love, Jacki, Jimmy, Emme and baby Kinsley