Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More pictures!

I wanted to post more pictures the other night but my computer wouldn't be agreeable! Here are some more updated pictures!

The happy family on Mother's Day!

Emerson and her Grandma Hall on Mother's Day!

Emerson and her Grandma Worthington on Mother's Day!

Emerson's First Royals Game! You can tell she is beyond amused. She got a Build a Bear Lion while we were there. She was very excited about that!

A very proud Daddy! Jimmy was excited to experience this with Emerson. Going to the game with Daddy will be a tradition they will love!

Emerson and I being pozers in front of the fountains in outfield! So fun!

She had to sport a pink ball cap and bib so no one cofused her with a boy ;)

I had to get a picture of the Jumbo-Tron. Jimmy laughed at me and said I had been watching to much of the Transformer movies because I kept calling it the Mega-Tron. Jumbo...Mega? Very close I think.... :)

Emerson lasted longer than we thought she would at the game. She made it to the 4th inning before she crashed out. We were very happy about that!

Monday, May 18, 2009

So much to blog, so little time....

I have so many pictures to share since the last time I was able to post. I celebrated my first Mother's Day this year which was so fun. We celebrated at Kaye's house with all of our family and some friends. Here are a few pictures from the perfect day!

Emerson hanging out in her Sassy Seat at Grandma Kaye's

My sweet girl! I am proud to be her mama!

More pictures to come computer is moving so slow...going to have to try again later..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sweet Angel!

I found the sweetest onesie this weekend at Wild Child! It says "Sweet Angel" on it, which is exactly what I call Emerson. I also found a hat that matched of course ;)