Sunday, December 19, 2010

Here comes Santa Claus!

Even though Santa is busy prepping for his big night in just a few days, he made time to stop by Lexington to visit all of the little girls and boys! As it turns out, Emme was on his nice list and she received a candy cane from him and several hugs and kisses! She told him she wanted a kitchen for Christmas and in return he asked for cookies...that I think we can handle! Below is just one of 20 pictures that the photographer took.

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
(Photography by Shelly Payne)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Emme turns two!

Emerson celebrated her 2nd birthday last Sunday with a Minnie Mouse themed party at Shirkey's 19th Hole. Many friends were there to celebrate her big day. It was a very fun time!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tis the season!

It is almost Christmas! I have our cards finished and this is the picture we are using. As most of you know, I am pregnant (yay!) and am pretty sick a lot of the time. This particular day, I was feeling borderline "icky" most of the day but sucked it up and smiled for the shot. I hated the picture until I noticed that sweet Emme, totally unscripted, had her perfect little hand on mine. One little gesture from one little girl summed up what the whole holiday season is about to me....LOVE! So I look a little green around the gills....oh well. So I am not looking pregnant yet, just like I am in need of a good long work out....oh well. So I chopped off half of the tree in the pic.....oh well. She reached over and touched my hand......melt my heart. LOVE.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Meet the Minutemen!

We went to the "Meet the Minutemen" at the High School. This is where all of the sports teams come out and everyone gets to meet the players. Emme dressed up for the big event! For some reason, she wasn't pleased and started to have a small meltdown before we left. By the time we got to the football field, she was all smiles again. It was a fun night!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I took this beautiful picture of Emerson sitting on our back steps this weekend and a friend said that she would like to see it in black and white so I started playing around on Picasa and this is the finished product. I thought it was totally cute and wanted to share! I hope everyone had a relaxing, peacful weekend!
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hello again!

Emerson is learning so much everyday and we are so proud of her. She says so many words daily, and has started repeating almost anything you ask her to say. It is sweet but we are learning all to quickly to watch what we say! I will post some pictures so you can see how our little angel is growing!

The first pictures are from a local petting zoo. It was a good time and Emme loved it. The last picture she is feeding herself cereal..! More got on her shirt than in her mouth! Made for good pictures though!

Until next time...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I haven't forgotten!

Hello All! I really haven't forgotten that we have a blog! I just have been really bad about posting pics and news on facebook, but I am often reminded that not everyone has a facebook account! So here goes...

Since the last time I blogged, Emerson has TOTALLY changed! She is walking (running really!), talking (mama, daddy, dog, kitty, trash, truck, this (dis), Cray (Uncle Clay), Demi, Taytee (our dog Tailor), oh boy, wow, hi) and a few more. We are learning to watch what we say very carefully! She blows kisses and gives big puckered up kisses. She can tell you where her eyes, ears, nose, mouth and head are. She is also very willing to show you where her tummy is and her "stinky feet" too!

She turned one in December, can you believe it?? She had a lady bug birthday party with around 60 people in attendance. Lesson learned...we should have rented a place for the party! It was "cozy" at our house let's just say!

I will cut to the chase and show you some pictures!

Emme on her birthay. Eating her cake!

Our first trip to the pumpkin patch! She may very well hate me for this hat later!

Halloween! She was a lady bug which turned into the theme for her birthday party!

November, Playing in the leaves!

Showing off her teeth. She has 6!

This is the most recent picture that I have.

I will try to do a better job of keeping up on this. I this blog finds you all well!

Hugs and Kisses from

Jacki, Jimmy and sweet, sweet Emme!