Sunday, March 20, 2011

Updates and such...

Update on the pregnancy: I will be 29 weeks tomorrow. Kinsley is weighing in at 2.8 pounds, right on track! Emme almost weighed 4 lbs at our 28 week appointment!

Cravings: Anything spicy really....Loving mexican food.
Aversions: The smell of raw or cooking meat has never been my friend during pregnancy.
Weight gain: 22 pounds...also right on track. Hopefully, it stays this way!
Emme's thoughts: She can't wait to meet "baby sisser"!

Here is a picture of Emme and I at 26 weeks. Everytime Jimmy grabs the camera to take a pic, Emme runs over and puts her hand on my tummy. So adorable I tell you...!

It has been a busy few weeks but we have managed to do some fun things with Emerson on our weekends off. Her first trip to the Kansas City Zoo was on March 12, 2011. Here are a few shots from our adventure:

Emme and Daddy at the Polar Bear Passage. We met Nikita, a male polar bear. It was his feeding time so he was very active. Emme and Mommy on our way to visit the other animals. Emme loved the monkeys, tigers, and all of the birds we met. Mommy is almost 27 weeks pregnant in the picture.

We have also been re-decorating the girls rooms. Emme's nursery is becoming Kinsley's room. Emme is being "upgraded" to her big girl bedroom. The rooms arent complete, but we are well on our way to finished rooms!

Kinsley's Nursery

Emme helped us paint K's room! It was so cute. Daddy did some trim work, but Uma did the most of it while he got the big walls with a roller. We still have her mobile to hang (as soon as I get it made...!). More pics of this to come on a later post!

Emerson's Big Girl Room

Here is a picture of the "before". Just furniture. Emme is trying it out of course! Emme also helped Daddy paint her own room. I had to get a shot of her with Mommy's mask on! I realized I don't have a very good picture of the "after" But you can sort of see the ballerina sheets and canopy above her bed I made for her. There are lots of really cute touches we are going to add along the way. More pictures to come on her room as well!

More updates to come!

Love, Jacki, Jimmy, Emme and baby Kinsley