Friday, June 15, 2012

Photo Fun!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012


Finally, as in "finally getting around to updating our blog!" I hoped to use this as our "family diary" and had high aspirations of looking back on it one day and reading about all of our interesting happenings and comings and goings BUT as it turns out, I am a severe procrastinator. Put-it-off-er..Slacker....The list could keep on going. Much like the first sentence in this blog. Okay, I digress.

So, on the Worthington front, things are GREAT!! Emerson is doing so well in preschool and loves every minute of it. She is say the most hilarious things these days!! "Mom, you are the best ba-skeddy cooker in the whole wide world!" I sort of love it when she says this. Her headband fell of the other day while we were sitting at the dinner table. She looked at me and held really still and said "I think my hair just broke..." Jimmy and I cracked up laughing! She told a wild tale at preschool the other day that my mom took her to the beach over the weekend (which was a fabrication) and she got bit by a shark on the forehead (which is obviously a fabrication). I guess she told it as like it really happened and was totally serious about it. My girl has an imagination for days I tell you. She calls black olives cute is that? She loves penguins by the way--the animal and the food. She loves to be outside and would stay out there all day if we'd let her. She is my timid daughter. She doesn't like to be far from home for too long and loves to read and draw. She loves to sing and right now her favorite song is by Adele. She calls it the "Sometimes it hurts" song but it is really called "Someone like you". It is stinking adorable when she sings it! She has the best sense of humor and loves to make people laugh, especially her baby sister. Speaking of which, Emerson is the BEST big sister. She is so helpful and loving to Kinsley. Sharing, well, that is another story but we are learning :) She did very well at her preschool screening and we were so proud. We love that brown eyed girl so much-- "to the moon and back" and always tell her!
Showing of her spunky side. 

Gorgeous, right?? I melt.

Kinsley. My baby. My sweet, growing like a weed, baby. Where to start. She is a wild child. It amazes me how different two little girls can be. God gave us Emme first for a reason! I joke, but seriously, most days she gives us a run for our money! She is a little fire cracker and so full of energy! She is almost 11 months old and I can't believe it. I will do my best to catch up on her sweet life since I have neglected the blog so  intently.....She has four teeth, two on top, two on bottom. She is still a mama's girl (no complaints here!). She NEVER took to eating baby food so she is getting her fair share of table food. Her absolute favorites are green beans, avocado, ham and hamburger. She tears it up! The doctor says she is lazy (or are we over accommodating..?). She has no urge to walk yet nor hold her own bottle. She is finally in recent weeks attempting to use a sippy cup which she will hold on her own. She is crawling but started that late too (in comparison to Emme which I try not to do to often because I do realize they are their own separate little people). She has had an abundance of earaches and we'll be scheduling tubes for that soon :( She has the sweetest laugh and "sings" herself to sleep. It sounds more like deep sighs, but, to a mom, it is singing! She is a great sleeper when she doesn't have an earache. She does fight sleep pretty hard however, but when she is out, she is out. She is clapping and blowing kisses. Just last week she started giving high fives! Adorable. She is my adventurous child. She has no fear--except for strangers..or anyone besides me trying to hold her. She loves to cuddle.  Her hair is still beautifully red. Everyone comments on it. We love the color. Now, for a bunch of pictures to catch up!

Sweet loves on Sissy. See? BEST big sister! 

Seriously? More pictures?

Just look at those teeth! Sweetest.Thing.Ever. 

Now, I feel better. Something to look back on when I am old and gray :) I apologize for any typos or misspellings. Happy Saturday!